Complete Project of Biomass Briquette Plant

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Complete Project of Biomass Briquette Plant   

 Due to the increase on cost of conventional fuel(such as coal and gas) and the need for new energy source, more people start to focus on "green" fuel business to produce renewable, clean and eco-friendly fuel briquettes. Our biomass briquetting machines are suitable for customers from agro-forestry countries with a desire to convert biomass waste into valuable biofuel for domestic use or for exportation. Also our machines are best choice for European individual user who has focused on biofuel production under government support. We can desigh the complete project of Biomass Briquette Plant for you.
This plant can make stick shape bifuel briquettes of different diameters and different shapes from biomass and agro-forest waste.

Biomass Briquetting Process:
Briquette Machine Model ZBJI(11kw motor)
Briquette Machine Model ZBJII (15kw motor)
Briquette Machine Model ZBJIII (18.5kw motor)
Wood Briquettes made from Briquetting Press

Raw Material to make Biomass Briquette:

Almost all type of Agro-Forestry waste can be used,including:
Wood • Wood chips • Wood shavings • Saw dust • Wheat straw • Rice husk • Sunflower husk • Peanut-shell • sugar cane bagasse • Maize stalk • Corncob • palm fruit bunch • Cotton Stalks • Coffee Husk • Paddy Straw • Tobacco waste • Mustard Stalk • Jute waste • Bamboo Dust • Tea waste • Soybeans husk • Forestry wastes and many other Agro wastes.

Requirement on raw material before briquetting:  Moisture Content 8-12%, grain size no more than 5×5mm.

Flowchart of the Biomass Briquette Technology:   

Crushing machines
Crushing machines are used to crush agro-forestry waste into suitable size before drying and briquetting. There are two types of crushing machine that are fitted to different types of raw materials. 

For raw materials with high moisture content above 12%, you need a drier(or dry it under sun) to decrease the moisture to 8-12% before feeding them into Biomass Briquetting Screw Press.

Biomass Briquette Screw Press
  This is a screw type briquette making machine without use of binder, it can produce good density briquette of cylinder, hexagon or square shapes as biofuel for briquettes boilers, stove and open fires.

Thermal shrink wrapping machine
 Thermal shrink wrapping machine is an semi-automatic packing machine. It adopts far-infrared tube to as heating source, uses PE contracting pellicle for tight wrapping of briquettes.

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