Q: 1. What is percentage of oil left in meal after the solvent extraction.
A: It is about 1~2%

Q: What is the percentage of oil left in cake after Pressing
A: It is about 6~8%

Q: We are planning to build an oil plant. What should we prepare?
A: If you want to build an oil plant:
First, choose the oil seeds which are abundant in your location or the oil seeds with higher Marketing Value.
Second, check how many tons oil seeds you plan to process each day.
Third, choose the right supplier for the oil mills
Forth, prepare enough Land area for the workshops building.
Last, prepare enough capital for the oil Plant costs.

Q: What the boiler capacity?
The steam boiler for the 100TPD Oil refinery is: 4T/H

Q: What the size of the building ( L x W x H) suitable for 100TPD?
The workshop size of the building is:32x12x8m (Part:8x12x11)
See the attached picture for reference.
Q:Dear Hemmy, After a while we will start another project for oil milling plant of soybean and sunflower.
Can you send us offer for plant of capacity 100 MTPD, with specified prices for oil press and cooker ? Regarding to the 100TPD Oil Plant for Sunflower seeds and soybean.

1.Please kindly inform us if you plan to process the oil seeds with pressing directly
( Cleaning-Crushing-Flaking-Cooking-Pressing-Crude Oil+Oil Cake)
or Prepressing+Solvent Extraction
(Cleaning-Crushing-Flaking-Cooking-Prepressing-Crude Oil+Oil Cake;
Oil Cake-Solvent Extraction-Solvent Removing-Crude Oil+OIl meal)
2. Please confirm to us if the sunflower seeds are with shell or not.
3.Please confirm to us if you only want crude oil or also want oil refinery.
If needs the oil refining, please inform us your finished oil standard.
Thanks for your early email and your cooperation.