Edible Oil Refinery Process

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The main edible oil refinery process includes Degumming,Deacidification, Bleaching,Deodorization,Winterization and Degreasing.
Edible oil refinery equipment can bedivided into Intermittent, Semi-continuous, Fully continuous types.

Edible Oil Refinery Methods:

1. Physical refining
2. Chemical refining
3. Chemical-physical refining

Edible Oil Refinery Process Description

Edible oil refinery process is part of the entire edible oil process and at the same time needs many needs many edible oil processing machinery. Raw seeds from the farm are brought in and cleaned in tumblers and shakers to remove dirt, leaves and loose debris.  The cleaned seeds then go through crushers to break the seeds apart exposing the insides of the seed.  They are then cooked with hot water and steam to clean them. Next they go to the expeller which separates the outside part of the kernel from the inside of the kernel which contains the oil. Oil from the expeller is then sent through a filter press with filter aid and from there into a crude oil storage tank.  Also, the external part of the kernel that is separated is sent to a process where it is pressed to get the water out and forma cake.  These cakes are then flooded
with Hexane.  The oils remaining in the cake are soluble in hexane.  The hexane is then evaporated and the recovered oil is sent to the filter press. From the crude tank the oil is sent through the
degumming process to remove the large gums. The oil is then transferred to yard tanks to await further processing.

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