Frying Ran and Hot Air Dryer

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ROLL FRYING RAN has one feeder, and this feeder is feed inlet and also is feed outlet. And the ROLL FRYING RAN need one worker put raw material in feed inlet, then the worker need to put electric switch when the raw material is ok. And you need mounting a grain moisture meter for this ROLL FRYING RAN. In order to you can control moisture. And you couldn't connect ROLL FRYING RAN in pellet line. You can parallel connection this ROLL FRYING RAN with your pellet press and hammer mill, cooling system and packaging machine.

We always plus ROLL FRYING RAN for our oil press. You can used our ROLL FRYING RAN to dry wet raw material (contain: peanut kernels, sesame, coconut meat, soyabean and so on) using ROLL FRYING RAN. It is ok.

HOT AIR DRYER had one feed inlet and one feed outlet for this dryer. And you can using a shut screw conveyor between hammer mill and HOT AIR DRYER, and you also can using a shut screw conveyor or Bucket conveyor between HOT AIR DRYER and pellet press. And you can come true automatic pellet line.

And our HOT AIR DRYER had HOT AIR DRYER with single stove and HOT AIR DRYER with double stove, and you can choice one model according to your moisture of raw material.

ROTARY DRYER has higher cost price than other type dryer, and bigger bulk.
And ROTARY DRYER has highly automatic control system. You can adjust temperature according to moisture of raw material. In order to you can got fitter moisture of raw material, then press them and get high output rate.  Capacity of ROTARY DRYER is from 500kgs to 20T/hr.

We always should be plus ROTARY DRYER for our complete pellet line. It can to achieved higher automatic pellet line.

Three types dryer had similar dryer effects. Please advise which dryer is your choice, so we can provide our best price to you.

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