Oil Extraction Machinery

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Oil extraction machinery offered by us are specially designed for cotton seeds in single crushing operation and other seeds like ground nut, lin seeds, copra, mustard seeds, palm kernels, poppy seeds, costor, neem, sun flower seeds in double operation. Our machinery has best results on almost all type of seed.

The biggest advantage of using oil extrraction machinery is the oil is extracted through the use of such machines is organic and 100% free of all chemicals. The use of chemicals increases the oil yield by a large quantity, but they are not very pure and healthy. Whereas, the oil extracted by using Screw Presses do not need the use of any kind of chemical. Even though the yield is lesser, it is much healthier and purer.

Oil extraction machinery can be used for extracting  edible oil as well as non-edible oil. With the latest technologyour and premium quality raw materials,our oil extraction machinery  are manufactured can produce more with less breakdown. Our machinery are quite suitable for a wide range of seeds & nuts.

With state-of-the-art oil extraction technology as well as experienced professionals, we ensure only superior quality machinery are allowed to our customers at most competitive prices.
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