Oil Pressing Machine and Oil Processing Machine

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Our oil pressing machine are advanced oilseed processing machine, high oil output, low oil residual, strong structure, wonderful performance and continuous operation. Easy to operate and low maintenance.
Our oil processing machine can be used for various raw material. It can press peanut, beans, rape seeds, cotton seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, copra, grass seeds etc.

Large Scale Oil Pressing Machine

These oil presses are with big capacity which are mostly used in middle or large scale oil milling plant.
They could be separated into two types: The first is hot pressing, including steam cooker and oil press. The steam cooker is commonly used for oilseeds pretreatment before pressing. The additional is cold pressing.The main advantage of oil pressing machine is lower temperature when seeds are being pressing .The temperature is around eighty degree, which may defend the nutrition element in the oil.
They are charactered by the following aspects: high oil output, low oil residual, strong structure, good performance and continuous operation.

Integrated Scale Oil Processing Machine

The integrated oil processing machine is usually an superior design from the screw oil press which includes press, motor, vacuum filter, heater and electric control cabinet. The function of the oil filter is used to remove impurities in the oil. Then the clean oil can be used for biodiesel or edible. This integrated oil press can also designed to C series. The difference betweem them is the electrical fryer in C series oil processing machine. The fryer is useful to the higher oil output. This type oil processing machine is rather popular in individual and small oil plant.
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