Electric Overhead Crane

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  LX Mode Single-girder Suspension Electric Crane which is designed and manufactured strictly according to national standards is a light-small kind fitted with CDIor MDItype electric hoists. Its lifting capacity is 0.5t-5t, span is 3-16m, working classification is A3-A4 and its ambient temperature should be -25-+40℃. It is forbidden to work in environment with combustible, explosive and corrosive media. It is usually used to load and move goods at workshops and warehouses. It can be controlled from the ground, remote control, ground and remote control ect.

    LXB Explosion-proof Electric Single-girder Crane fitted with HB explosion-proof electric hoist, explosion-proof control box and other explosion-proof electrical equipments. It is usually controlled from the ground, and it is a kind of light and small crane with track. Its explosion-proof mark is Ex.It is applicable at such sites with explosive gas mixture combined by combustible gas, steam and air where the classification is ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡC and the temperature group is T1-T4


Crane traveling
Traveling speed 20(Ground)20 30(Ground)30
Speed ratio 28.2(30.5) 30.5(28.2)
Motor Type Conical cage
Power 2×0.4(2×0.8)
Rotation Speed 1380
Lifting mechanism
electric hoist)
and hoist travel
Hoist type MDI CDI
Lifting speed 8 8/0.8
Lifting height 6 9 12 18 24 30
Travel speed 20 30
motor Conical cage
Work classification Middle class
Power source AC 380V 50Hz
Wheel diameter φ134 (φ154)
Rail surface width 37-70

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