Ductile Iron Pipe

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As a modern factory of high start, high standard and high quality, we possesses the first level production lines with capacity of 250,000 tons annual output for ductile iron pipes and fittings with T type joint, N1 type joint and S type joint, The raw material (pig iron ) has specification of low P, low S, low Ti and so on. It is widely used by lots of domestic and foreign users for its excellent properties. Pipes' product line adopts advanced technics., Especially it uses the advanced annealing funace which is 60 meters long to issue pipe's better mechanical properties. Antisepsis Treatment adopting cement lining, zinc spraying, bitument coating and so on or manufacturing according to request.

Production process flow of ductile cast iron pipes

Features and specifications:
1)Pig iron: Low P, low S, low Ti and so on
2) Nominal diameter: 80-2000mm
3) Thickness: 6-13.6mm
4)type joint: T type joint, N1 type joint
5) Standards: ISO9001:2000, ISO2531, ISO4179, ISO8179, EN545:2002


In bulk or container

Advantage: The ductile cast iron pipes strictly conforms to the international standard and European standard, during hydraulic pressure test the pressure is 1 Mpa highter than that prescribed in the standards.

Hydraulic Pressure Testing
Bitumen Coating

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