Edible Cooking Vegetable Oil Refinery for Sale

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Ssle of  Edible Oil Refinery,Cooking Oil Refinery,Vegetable Oil Refinery

What is the Edible Oil Refinery,Cooking Oil Refinery,Vegetable Oil Refinery ?
The refinery removes NATURAL COLOR, NATURAL SMELL / ODOR and FFA (Free Fatty Acids) which are all contained in the crude / raw oil. The final product of refinery is TRANSPARENT COOKING OIL. 

AGICO Sales Edible Oil Refinery,Cooking Oil Refinery and Vegetable Oil Refinery. And these are ideally suitable to refine any kinds of vegetable / edible oil such as peanut / groundnut oil, sesame oil, copra oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, castor seed oil, cotton seed oil, palm kernel oil etc.

We have a series of oil refinery in 5 TPD, 10 TPD, 15 TPD, 30 TPD or more.
TPD = Tones Per Day
Sale of Edible Oil Refinery,Cooking Oil Refinery,Vegetable Oil Refinery Consists




4.Steam / Thermic fluid boiler

5.Filter presses

6.Condenser tower

7.Complete steel structure 

SPECIFICATION OF Edible Oil Refinery,Cooking Oil Refinery,Vegetable Oil Refinery

1.All the main vessels i.e. two neutralizers, one bleacher and one deodorizer are properly arranged on the steel structure. So all these vessels are hanging on the steel structure. Just below the two neutralizers, two soap pans are resting on the ground floor in which the soap stock is collected. There is a steam pipe arrangement in the soap pans also.

2.There are columns of double channel which supports the entire steel structure. It has proper staircase and railings on all the sides of steel structure and the staircase. Filter press is also accommodated on the upper floor of the steel structure.

3.Two oil tanks i.e. raw oil tank and bleached oil tank are accommodated under the structure on the ground floor. Then cooler,the thermic fluid boiler, the steam generators, the vacuum pump, the water pumps, the oil pumps and the refined oil tank are arranged on the ground floor around the steel structure i.e. outside the steel structure.

4.The condenser tower is erected just near the deodorizer,its complete structure is supported from the ground floor and also attached with the refinery structure. The barometric condenser is arranged at 40ft. height to create proper vacuum.

5.All types of pipelines are interconnected as every requirement of the refinery i.e. oil pipelines, vacuum pipelines, steam pipelines, water pipelines, thermic fluid pipelines. At all appropriate places, proper valves are provided in the pipelines.

6.The neutralizer is provided with thermic fluid coil for heating the oil.

7.The bleacher is provided with double pipe coils. One is for thermic fluid and the other is for cooling water.

8.The deodorizer is provided with double pipe coil i.e. in both of the coils, the thermic fluid is circulated. The steam is ejected from the stainless nozzles provided on the steam pipe cross supported at the bottom.

9.THe cooler is provided with double pipe coil. Both for cooling water.

10.In every vessel temperature gauge is provided.The vacuum gauge is provided on deodorizer, bleacher and cooler.

11.The neutralizer is open on the top and has the conical bottom. Bleacher has dished ends on both of the sides. Similarly deodorizer has dished ends on both the sides. Cooler has also dished ends on both the sides.

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