CDII、MDII Type Wire-rope Electric Hoist

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 CDⅡMDⅡtype wire-rope Electric Hoist is improved based on CDⅡMDⅡtype. For CDⅡ MDⅡtype electric hoists, their motors and reducers are installed on the same side so that the torsion output through the motor can reach the reducer in the shortest time. Here the traditional structure of CDⅡ MDⅡtype. Instead, they are given such features as tight structure and bigger effective transmission moment. Such kind of hoists of the same parameters with CDⅡ MDⅡtype are used widely. At the same time, we are also capable to manufacture CDⅡ MDⅡtype Explosion-proof Electric Hoist.Some of the products whose lifting heights are over 30 meters are used widely.


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