STI Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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   STI series wire rope electric hoist is our newly-designed low headroom series product. As per European FEM, DIN standard, generally plan the capacity series, basic model, and mechanism work system and performance parameter, develop and research with modularized design idea. This series product is up to technical level of world products of the same kind. STI series products are one of commonly used structure form in international market with compact structure and high space utility.


    Main features and advantages:
    1、Effectively uplift hoist lifting height by 200~500mm compared with common CD travel electric hoist.
    2、Excellent three-in-one transmission technical, lifting gearbox adopts good quality alloy structure steel made involute bevel wheel gearbox, 3-pole reducing, stable traveling, long life-span, reliable performance, avoid shortcomings like CD hoist intermediate shaft long-distance transmission.
    3、Motor is special designed plane brake 3-phase asynchronous motor, work system S3,JC=40% , effectively uplift work classification of electric system. Brake current pass through rectifier and controller, realized high voltage startup and low voltage travel, good brake effects.
    4、Travel adopts worm wheel and worm gearbox, make hoist travel more stable, lowwer noise, longer system life.
    5、Double speed of lift and travel, automatic speed conversion,small impact, stable traveling.We could do as per customer requirements: hoist lifting, traveling frequency nonpolar speed-adjustment control, remote control operation, overload protection, motor overheat protection and other functions.
    6、STI series products including various kinds lifting tonnage, lifting height, speed, traveling speed for customers' selection.

Rated lifting capacityKg Lifting height(m Lifting speed(m/min Work lass 型号
1600 16 7(7 / 1.75) 2M ST2-8 1430 L1 2/1
24 2M ST2-8 1430 L2 2/1
2000 16 7(7 /1.75) 1AM ST2-10 1430 L1 2/1
24 1AM ST2-10 1430 L2 2/1
3200 8 3.5(3.5/0.875) 2M ST2-8 1430 L1 4/1
12 2M ST2-8 1430 L2 4/1
16 9.8(9.8/2.45) 1AM ST3-16 2055 L1 2/1
24 1AM ST3-16 2055 L2 2/1
4000 8 3.5(3.5/0.875) 1AM ST2-10 1430 L1 4/1
12 1AM ST2-10 1430 L2 4/1
5000 8 5.7(5.7/1.4) 2M ST3-12 2255 L1 4/1
12 2M ST3-12 2255 L2 4/1
16 11.6(1.6/2.9) 2M ST5-25 2211 L1 2/1
24 2M ST5-25 2211 L2 2/1
6400 8 4.9(5.7/1.4) 1AM ST3-16 2055 L1 4/1
12 1AM ST3-16 2055 L2 4/1
8000 8 5.8(5.8/1.45) 3M ST5-20-2211 L1 4/1
12 3M ST5-20-2211 L2 4/1
10000 8 5.8(5.8/1.45) 2M ST5-25-2211 L1 4/1
12 2M ST5-25-2211 L2 4/1

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