Poultry Mash Feed Machine

Bookmark and Share Poultry Mash Feed Machine 1. The machine includes ingredients crushing,mixing systems. The occupation area is small and it’s easy to be removed. It’s very economical equipment for customers.
2. Ingredients are loaded automatic into crusher by airflow pipes. There is also powder ingredients adding opening and secondary mix devices. There is no dust during running.
Part One: Main characters
9LT-1\9LT-2 type poultry mash feed machine has 1000kg/hr and 2000kg/hr capacity to make compound feed.It is widely used in middle and small animal breed plant or feed plant. It consists of self-inhale crusher, ingredient pipes, vertical mixing machine, etc.
  The machine is compact, low electricity consumption, easy to maintain and repair. The noise is low and without dust pollution.
Part Two: Technical parameters
1.Main technical index
1).Outlet sizes (LxWxH) :
Vertical mixer:2.2 Kw
3).Weight:400 Kg
2.Ability index
1).Capacity based on one hour to make compound mash feed is 1000 Kg,2000Kg.
2).Electricity consumption is less than 4 degree per ton.
3).Mix equality CV≤10%
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