6FTFS-26A~50 series complete sets of plansieve flour milling equipmen

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flour milling equipment

Complete set of the series of plane sifters
This series include: Model 26A、36A、50、60 ect
The technique arts of above are cyclone classification and sifter getting flour, the code name is 6FTFS.
The 6FTFS milling machinery is the united machine of extractor milling and sifter milling, which adopts extractor to pick-up bran and sifter to pick-up flour, avoids the bran going into sifter, so only the semolina and flour fall into sifter layers to be classified, for getting good semolina, set up classification sifter, after separating the flour, classification sifter can devide upper stock to goes into S system or B system, detail stock goes into M system.
As a result of extractor removing the bran out, the problem of bran easy to block sifter channel was resovled, thus can increase the wheat moisture to get large-sized bran. Considering the force clasify in flour extractor, the stock which passes through extractor and falls into sifter will be added some bee wing bran, but in the sifter, because of natural classification, thus when the motor running, heavy and small-sized granule comes to the upper, light and large-sized granule goes to the bottom, if only ensure the thickness of determinate stock, the flour quality is like that you have gotten from the sifter milling machinery.
Model 6FTFS series milling machinery, their workshop volume is X*7000*4500mm, it is the replacer to extractor mill.
Cleaning technology consists of crude wheat cleaning and clean wheat cleaning. It adopts the technology of: the wheat sifted twice, threshed twice, separated from stone twice, washed with water, that guarantee the quality of the wheat before into mill.
The main equipments: one sets of type 59 vertical scourer, one set of type 70 double-deck high-speed vibrating sieve, one set of type 2T wheat washing machine, one set of plane rotating sifter, one set of wheat-surface cleaning machine and one set of No.5 centrifugal fan.
The technology of flour-milling adopts: four-time barking, three-time mashing and one-time slugging. It enlarges the sieving area and improves perfect sieving effect especially adopts vibrating grader. That guarantees the quality and flour extraction of the product. There are 3 sets of 6F2240 roller mill, 5 sets of 6F2235 roller mill , 2 sets of FSFS83X12X2 type high-efficient planesieve, 4 sets of grain grader and 1 set of 6-30-No.6 centrifugal fan.  
36A Parameter

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