Cassava Flour Grinder

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Flour Grinder: 3-30 tons per hour of cassava starch processing equipments

Cassava Flour Grinder Flow chart

Cassava Flour Grinder Main equipments

High efficient washer Rasper Vacuum sifter Decorticator
Centrifugal sieve Hydrocyclone Automatic packer Airflow dryer
High efficient cooling starch sifter

We may offer you 3-30 tons Cassava Flour Grinder per hour of cassava starch processing machinery.

The processing technology is described briefly asthe following: raw material washing, peeling off, general crushing, fine crushing, separating of residue and starch slurry, starch slurry refining, dewatering, airflow drying, dressing and packing.

Physical Chemistry Request Standard of Cassava Starch
Moisture(%)<=: Excellent grade: 14.0 First grade:15.0 Eligibility:15.0
White degree(%)(457nm blue ray)>=: Excellent grade:92.0 First grade: 88.0 Eligibility:84.0
Fine degree(%)(100mesh pass rate)>=: Excellent grade:99.8 First grade:99.5 Eligibility:99.0
Speckle(pc/cm2)=:Excellent grade:2.0 First grade:5.0 Eligibility:8.0
Acidity(ml)<=: Excellent grade:14.0 First grade:18.0 Eligibility:20.0
( Neutralization 100g dry starch consume 0.1mol/NaOH )
Ash(%)<=:Excellent grade:0.2 First grade:0.3 Eligibility:0.4
Protein(%)>=:Excellent grade:0.15 First grade:0.20 Eligibility:0.30
Mucosity degree>=:Excellent grade:1.30 First grade:1.30 Eligibility:1.30
SO2 <=:Excellent grade:0.001 First grade:---- Eligibility:----
Quality Standard: QB1840-93

Cassava Flour Grinder Workshop View

Water gun
High efficient washer
Centrifugal Sieve
Starch Hydrocyclone
Airflow dryer
Starch Sifter
Automatic Packer
Hammer Crasher
Needle Mill
Blade Centrifuge

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