Roller Flour Mills for Rice Maize

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Model Roller Flour Mills (FMFQ) Characteristics:

1.The Roller Flour Mills Mechanical transducer controlls the automatic clutch brake pneumatically. This Rice Milling machine is capable of both manual pneumatic control and manual control without air, thus it is called manual/puematic-control dual-use flour milling machine.

2.Use the double-face synchronized saw-belt transmission between fast-roller and slow-roller, thus smoothly operated and no oil contamination.

3.The milling housing may suck raw material, also raw material itself may flow out under milling body.

4.The electric motor is located inside of the machine base, thus it is convenient to install.

5.Toughened glassshell makes a beautiful outline.

6.Two kinds of milling roller sizes selected by users:220mm and 250mm.

Model Roller Flour Mill (MMD) Pneumatic Mill  Charateristics:

1.The milling roller is placed horizontally and combining with vibration-reducing beam, they form an independent tension-supporting structure.

2.Use saw-belt to accomplish transmission between fast-roller and slow-roller for the Roller Flour Mill.

3.It can be controlled automatically by pneumatic pressure, or manually before the machine is under  remote controll.

4.The feeding amount of raw material is controlled variably by the servo cylinder for the Maize Mill, Rice Mill .

5.The mainframe of the machine is welded of high-quality armor plates. It is sturdy, durable and has a fine appearance.

6.It also has the advantages of little vibration, low noise, and so on. Liquid lubricant is not necessary.

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