Wheat Distribution Area in South Africa

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South Africa wheat 

●Western Cape: 38%
●Free State: 32%
●Northern Cape: 14%
●Northwest: 7%
●Mpumalanga: 4%
●Limpopo: 2%
●Kwazulu-Natal: 2%
●Others: 1%

Wheat in South Africa Northwest produces about 40,000 – 50,000 hectares of winter wheat each year. Other producing areas in South Africa are Free State, Northern Cape, and Mpumalanga with the area wheat planted in these regions depending on the moisture of the soil at planting time and on forecasts for rain in the winter.

Wheat production of South Africa is approximately 2.3 million tons per annum, of which the Northwest produces about 150,000 tons (7%). Most of this is transported by farmers to local silos for storage, then sent to Gauteng by road for milling before finally consumed

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