the wheat flour mills for sale

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This model wheat flour mills is advanced one matched with elevater and silo, and mill grain separate with peel, excellent mill.

 6FX series electric grain mill has compact structure and regulate design, grade flour by close sieve, separate
milling of husk and corn, and storage bin, flour and bran receiving, which is all  accomplished on the ground.


1. Flour machines has reasonable and compact structure, durable and nice appearence.

2. Wheat flour mills has small size and light weight, is easy to transport and install.

3. Easy operation and maintenance.

4. Mannual tripping machinery is link with flow control mechanical switches, this
bring sensitive and reliable operation.

5. The flour mill machine adopt close sieve,so it has succinct structure, low cost and easy change
for sieve cloth.
6. This flour mills also has advantage of low consumption of power, low noice,stable and reliable



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