sunflower seeds peeling machinery

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Sunflower Seeds Peeling Machinery,  Seeds Hulling Machine for Sunflow Seeds

Product Remark

6HB Sunflower Seeds Peeling Machinery,  Seeds Hulling Machine

    This machine has large, medium and small models, and it adopts method of shelling with screw pole and grid bar concave board. It is characterized by compound double shelling, high shelling ratio, low cracking ratio and human resources saving, etc. It can be applied to shelling of peanuts of different regions and varieties.

Model and Specification Size Power(KW) Output(kg/h)
6BH-300 1000×550×1250 1.5 500
6BH-500 1400×800×1900 2.2 800
6BH-750 2250×1300×2000 7.5 1000



Sunflower Seeds

The Red Indians of America cultivated sunflowers long before Europeans discovered them. At present, the Russians are the largest sunflower seed producers in the world. The seeds have a hard black-and-white striped shell that must be removed (either in or out of the shell), and are sold either plain or salted. They can be eaten as a snack, used in salads or sandwiches or added to a variety of cooked dishes or baked goods. The iron-rich sunflower seeds are, by weight, 47 percent fat and 24 percent protein. The pale yellow, delicately flavored sunflower-seed oil extracted from the seed contents very high polyunsaturated fat and low in aturated fat. Because it has a relatively low smoke point, sunflower-seed oil is used in cooking as well as for salad dressings.

Specification: Admixture 3%

max Packing: in poly-woven bags of about 45kgs net each.

Besides big sized and small sized tri-striped sunflowerseeds, we can also supply sunflowerseeds for pressing oil and sunflowerseed kernels all the year round.

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