Algae Oil Press

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oil pressingAlgae oils have a variety of commercial and industrial uses, and are extracted through a wide variety of methods. Estimates of the cost to extract oil from microalgae vary, but are likely to be around $1.80 (US$)/kg (compared to $0.50 (US$)/kg for palm oil).

Algae in aquatic organisms from simple composition, storage of light energy through photosynthesis, the production of vegetable oil. The vegetable oils can be converted into "bio-diesel."

The single oil press without motor. They can be used to extract vegetable oil from peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, soybeans, cottonseeds, tea seeds, sunflower seeds, palm seeds olive, coconut, corn pummels. The models for single machine(without motor) are as follow: 

yzx-68 0.8~1ton/24hour 5.5kw 102sets/20'
yzx-80 2-3 ton/24hour 5.5kw 32 sets/20'
yzx-95 3~4ton/24hour 5.5kw 26 sets/20'
yzx-100 4-5 ton/24hour 7.5kw 24 sets/20'
yzx-120 6~7 ton/24hours 11kw , 24 sets/20'
yzx-130 9~10 ton/24hours 15kw 15 sets/20'
yzx-160 15 tons/24 hours, 18.5kw, 16 sets/20'

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