AGICO Featured in Biofuels International Magazine

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AGICO Featured in Biofuels International Magazine

The significance of AGICO’s impact in the biomass industry was recognized in the September edition of Biofuels International. The one-page feature included details on the significance of AGICO’s subsidiaries—Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery and AKG Biofuel Tech—in supplying a range of products internationally, from small pellet mills to multi-ton per hour pellet plants. From the article:  


Anyang General International (AGICO), based in Henan, seeks to make biomass pellets a feasible energy solution for a wider range of consumers worldwide. It does so with a two-pronged approach based on the small and large mill competencies of the two different manufacturing facilities within AGICO. The advantages of the group begin, as with all complete pellet production lines, at the initial size reduction phase with the hammer mill. The Gemco facility has developed a special hammer mill that combines the functions of a chipper and pulveriser, thereby increasing efficiency by 30 over traditional models. The machine can handle incoming biomass with diameters of up to 200mm. The AKG plant builds upon this technology for its own hammer mill with a higher rate of output necessary for large-scale production.

The magazine also states the numerous advantages of AGICO’s machinery:


…AGICO-made dies, rollers and other moving parts are made of steel alloyed with chromium, manganese and titanium, and are heat treated for durability. As a result, dies last three to five times longer. An additional cost-saving measure with AGICO’s small, flat-die pellet mills is that the dies are reversible, thereby further extending its usable life. The interior of the die holes are polished to eliminate tramp metal to prevent blockage, breaks and fines. In all mill corrugated rollers are utilised – modified, close-ended one in the large-sized AKG ring die pellet mills – which are superior in the prevention of slippage. Other features of AGICO’s machinery include thick cast iron for parts which must endure the high pressures required for biomass pellets. Gemco’s smaller mills employ specially crafted gears to transfer force perpendicularly from the motor, the ratio of which is considered proprietary information.

The full article and others related to interesting biomass topics can be found at the website of Biofuels International.

About Biofuels International:

Biofuels International is a globally renowned magazine in the industry and is published ten times per year on topics encompassing biodiesel, bioethanol and biomass. Regular contributors include the European Bioethanol Fuel Association and Will Thrumond, author of “Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey.” Readership includes senior engineers, technical managers, project managers, CEOs/managing directors, and logistics and distribution managers, as well as financial and trade bodies with an interest in biomass.

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