GMC-DD01 Double Drum Road Roller

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GMC-DD01 road roller can be applied to constructing and maintaining various roads, and the rolling of the expressway shoulders, sidewalk, parking area, sports ground and garden lawn.

GMC-DD01 road roller adopts the advanced technique. Both the front and rear wheel have the drive set with strong grade ability and high compacting efficiency. GMC-DD01 road rollers can realize single drum vibrating and double drums vibrating. The emergency stop button guarantees the safety of road rollers.

The engine cover of the road rollers can be upturned 45 angles, which can help to repair and maintain the road rollers conveniently. The width of the rolling drum being broader than the body helps people to see the drum edge easily and allow the road roller with strong performance in blank pressing.

The main parts are world famous brand, which guarantee the stability and reliability of the road roller. The front and the rear wheel can drive 0-9.3km/h. Auto-watering equipment helps to sprinkle evenly.

Low noise reach Europe II standard.


Data of GMC-DD01 double drum road roller  


Operating mass: 3000 kg

Front Axle's Static linear load    119N/cm

Rear Axle's Static linear load     112N/cm

Overall Specification

Min Turning Radius        5000mm

Min Ground Clearance                220mm

Steering Angle       30 degree

Swing Angle     7degree

Machine Dimension

Overall Dimension   2650×1380×2540mm

Drum Diameter:  700 mm

Drum Width: 1300 mm

Wheelbase: 1948mm


Diesel Speed:  2600r/min

Travel Speed: 0-9.3 m/h

Theoretical Grade Ability:   30%


Vibrating Frequency: 57 Hz

Vibrating Amplitude: 0.5 mm

Diesel Engine

Exciting Force (one drum) 30 KN

Diesel Engine     KUBOTA

Traveling Pump    SAUER-SUNSTRAND

Rated Power 26KW

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