GMC-DD03 Double Drum Road Roller

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The world's premier supplier of drum rollers, compactor roller, static road roller, GEMCO has been the static road roller manufacturers since 1992 and is widely known for its professional, premium service at competitive prices.
GMC-DD03 double drum road roller adopts mechanical driving, hydrostatic vibration, articulated and hydraulic steering with easy operation, reliable performance, and cost performance. Sludge scrapers and sprinkling devices on both drums help to develop the quality of construction.
GMC-DD03 static road roller is a small-size compactor roller, which can be applied to roads working and maintaining and the rolling of expressway shoulder, side walk, parking area, sports ground and garden lawn. GMC-DD03 static road roller is especially suited for compaction of pipeline channel and drainage trench and such narrow areas.
The compact design, small size and beautiful appearance of this compaction equipment are suited for compaction of narrow areas.
High quality and high efficiency ChangChai diesel engine features large power storage, reliable performance, stable quality, low fuel consumption, convenient operation and maintenance.
Data of GMC-DD03 Double Drum Static Road Roller
Machine specification
Vibration frequency: 50Hz
Drum width: 1000mm
Drum diameter: 800mm
Min steering radius: 4600mm
Wheelbase: 2100mm
Operating mass:  3000kg
Front axle load: 1280kg
Rear axle load: 1720kg
Front static linear load: 128N/cm
Rear static linear load: 172N/cm
Machine dimension
Overall dimensions (LXWXH) 2900X1250X2600mm
First speed 2.2km/h
Second speed 6.3km/h
Theoretical Grade ability 20%
Sprinkler tank capacity 70L
Fuel tank capacity 70L
We are specialized in producing high quality drum rollers, compactor roller, static road roller with best price and good service! Welcome to order!
Diesel Engine
Model: CZ385Q
Type 4-stroke direct injection
Normal rated power 21Kw
Normal rated roll-speed 2400r/min

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