Series Lathe Machines

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CNC Pipe Thread lathe series

These lathes were developed mainly for the turning of oil-field pipe threads. They are suitable for the turning of various kinds of pipe threads, and are also can be used as universal CNC lathes.

These CNC pipe thread lathes are controlled by semi-closed circle controlling systems. They are suitable for the turning of circumgyration bodies of various curving generatrixes, the turning distinguishability is 0.001mm.They can be used to the turning of cylindrical and conical threads, and threads connected continuously by them, and end-face threads as well, They have functions of automatic tool compensation, rough-turned piece circle, thread-cutting circle, slotting circle,and absolute zero can be set at your will. These machines are suitable for verified workpiece machining in medium and small batches, and are of good flexibility, high efficiency, finishing up with good conformity, and are easy to program, simple to operate. So they are ideal medium-type mechanical machining equipment.

Parallel/gap-bed Lathe Series

These lathes are suitable mainly for turning internal and external cylindrical, taper and other swing surfaces as well as various metuic, whitworth, module and diametric pitch threads. They can also be used for broaching oil grooves and keyways.
There are also following features:

1. The side wall of bed is constructed with doubler plates. and the shape of internal ribs is of box type and bevel ribs combination. The rigidity is higher than that of ordinary lathes. The precision is stable. And these lathes can carry out strong force cutting.

2. On apron, there is a device, operated by a single lever, used for rapid traverse of the carriage. Spindle's braking and rotating direction change is controlled by hydraulic system, or by hand operation, all to user's choice.

3. The saddle guide way is gluded by "TSF" soft belt wear resisting materials.

4. On user's demand we can equip the lathe with automatic feeding mechanism. The top slide can be used independently for turning of short taper surface. in combination with longitudinal feeding. it can also turn long taper surface

Sphere Turning Lathe

It is mainly used for semi-finish turning and finish turning of internal and external spherical surfaces. And it also can be used for ordinary turning and threading.


CNC Lathe Series

CK61125are economical large-type CNC lathes. The spindle speeds are changed by hand, AC servo motor is adopted in feeding system, tailstock can be moved manually or electrically. The lathes are ideal product machining large and middle sized precise complicated work pieces in batches.

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