156*156 Polycrystalline Solar Wafer

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Specification of Multi-crystalline Silicon Wafer

Conductivity Type: P-Type
Crystallinity :Multi-crystalline
Crystal size :≤50 crystals per 2 cm2
Oxygen (atoms/cm3): ≤8.0 x 1017
Carbon (atoms/cm3): ≤5.0x 1017
Resistivity (Ω·cm): 0.5~2.0
Dopant: Boron

Life time(μs) : ≥2.0
Dimensions Tolerance (mm) :156x156 ±0.5
Wafer dull (mm) :1.5±0.5
Center Thickness (μm) :200±20
Total Thickness Variation (μm): ≤20
Warp(μm): ≤40
Wafer cleaning :Water+detergent
Water slicing:Glycol based wafering
Saw marks(μm):Depth ≤15
Edge defect(through wafer) Length ≤5 mm,width ≤0.5 mm

packaging bubble:carton and wooden box


Supply Ability:10,000,000 pcs/month

Pcakage:1800 pcs/carton

300 pcs/box


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