Monocrystalline Solar Wafer

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125 Mono Wafer Specification

Dimension  125*125
Growth Method  CZ
Conductive Type  P
Dopant  B
Orientation  <100>
Off orientation  <±2。

Resistivity  1-3Ω.cm
Bulk Lifetime  ≥10us
Oxygen Content  ≤1.0*1018/cm3
Carbon Content  ≤5.0*1016/cm3
Dimension  125*125±0.5mm
Diagonal  150±0.5mm
Square Sides Angle  90±0.3•
Straight Sections Length Deviation  29.76±1.0mm
Thickness  200±20㎛ 

(minimum thickness≥180㎛) 

TTV  ≤30㎛ 

SawMark  ≤15㎛ 

Warp  ≤50㎛ 

Chips  Lengh<0.5mm


less than 2pcs

Appearance  No stain, No pinhole and Cracks by Visual Inspection

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