Solar Cell

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Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Battery (125x125)

125x125 monocrystalline silicon solar battery is one of the solar batteries which are most widely used and with the most advanced technology. It takes ultrapure polysilicon as raw material to make monocrystalline silicon rod through CZ method. The monocrystalline silicon rod is processed into 125x125 square monocrystalline silicon chip by use of linear cutting technology. Through etching, PN junction, the core of polysilicon battery is formed at the surface. To enhance the absorption of light, a layer of dereflection is coated at the surface of the solar battery. By the use of screen printing, the matched silver paste is printed to the silicon chip to make grid lines, and through sintering, positive electrode and negative electrode are made.

Good quality, with high photoelectric conversion efficiency and reliability.
Mature fabrication technology ensures product quality and efficiency.
Adopt advanced PECVD film-forming technology to coat dark blue silicon nitride dereflection film on the battery surface. The color is smoothly and nicely painted.
Fabricate BSF (back surface field) and electrode with high-quality metal pastes to ensure its conductivity, adhesive force and weldability.

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