Desolventizer Extraction

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 We are dedicated to design, supply and service for solvent extraction workshops, the turn-key oil projects scope from 100t to 6000t per day.

Design of Desolventizer Extraction, Desolventizing for Oilseed Extruding


The DTDC is made up of 5 layers. The main functions of 5 layers are: the top one is designed for pre-heating wet meal to reduce moisture condensing. The 2nd one is designed for desolventizing by means of steam penetration. The 3rd layer is designed for toasting the desolventizing meal in order to remove solvent in wet meal completely. 4th , hot air is blown in to remove moisture of meal, It's for drying purpose. 5th layer, blowing cold air to low down meal temperature, so we also called it as "cooling layer". After all these steps, the meal is sent outside of the extraction workshop to meal storage house by dried meal conveyor.

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