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The Commercial Flour Mills[Grain Milling Machine]The Commercial Flour Mills
The commercial flour mills are installed on the same basic pattern as the domestic models but has the performance for bakeries and small scale users. Our commercial flour mills take very little floor space and can even be fitted with wheel. Horizon...[view]
Flour Mill for Home Use[Grain Milling Machine]Flour Mill for Home Use
Our flour mill for home use is an easy use and affordable machine. It makes ease of grinding wheat, rice, maize to the required needs. Thus the flour can be made right at home.   Our factory has more than 10 years experience in flour mill for...[view]
Flour Mill Industry [Grain Milling Machine]Flour Mill Industry
AGICO GROUP Flour Mill Industry Co., Ltd.. A company that grown to one of leading manufacturers and exporters of wheat flour, corn flour, and corn grit. The flour mill industry provides goods that are considered diet staples and, as such, will rema...[view]
The Flour Mill[Grain Milling Machine]The Flour Mill
The flour mill built was a turn of the century architectural remnant of the industrial history. It began full operation in 1900 and continued as a flour mill until 1960. The flour mill benefited from exposure to over five million visitors to expo, a ...[view]
History and background of pellets[Grain Milling Machine]History and background of pellets
Pellets have been produced for over a century, by using heat and pressure small cylindrical pellets can be produced from a variety of materials for different purposes. In the 1970’s some companies who used biomass pellet mills to produce animal feed...[view]
What is Biomass[Grain Milling Machine]What is Biomass
he term biomass generally really applies to a fuel source rather than a specific generation technology. Biomass fuels are combustible organic materials which can vary dramatically in form. ...[view]
Biomass Energy[Grain Milling Machine]Biomass Energy
Energy sources are not only the material basis that people live by, but also the fundamental conditions of national economic development. As a large energy consumption nation, China mainly depends on fossil energy like coal, petroleum, and natural ga...[view]
Mechanical Durability[Grain Milling Machine]Mechanical Durability
Wood pellets tend to shine more than others; the most important thing is the pellets smooth compact state. Try tapping the pellet against a hard surface, to see if the pellet stays intact, or if they crumble or easily crush and separate. The length o...[view]