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Corn Plant Area in China[Grain Milling Machine]Corn Plant Area in China
Corn in China is widely plant in many areas, Summer corn area North China Plain, Shandong and Henan-based : 34%, The north spring corn area: the northeast three provinces, inner Mongolia & Ningxia 40%....[view]
Wheat Distribution Area in South Africa [Grain Milling Machine]Wheat Distribution Area in South Africa
Wheat production of South Africa is approximately 2.3 million tons per annum, of which the Northwest produces about 150,000 tons (7%). Most of this is transported by farmers to local silos for storage....[view]
Corn Milling Machinery[Grain Milling Machine]Corn Milling Machinery
This corn milling machinery output capacity is 20t per day. We also supply 20t- 500t corn milling machinery and different output capacity as your requirements. Sincerely hope your email and enquiry....[view]