Grain Milling Machine

What is BiomassWhat is Biomass
he term biomass generally really applies to a fuel source rather than a specific generation technology. Biomass fuels are combustible organic materials which can vary dramatically in form. ...[view]
Biomass EnergyBiomass Energy
Energy sources are not only the material basis that people live by, but also the fundamental conditions of national economic development. As a large energy consumption nation, China mainly depends on fossil energy like coal, petroleum, and natural ga...[view]
Mechanical DurabilityMechanical Durability
Wood pellets tend to shine more than others; the most important thing is the pellets smooth compact state. Try tapping the pellet against a hard surface, to see if the pellet stays intact, or if they crumble or easily crush and separate. The length o...[view]
Corn Plant Area in ChinaCorn Plant Area in China
Corn in China is widely plant in many areas, Summer corn area North China Plain, Shandong and Henan-based : 34%, The north spring corn area: the northeast three provinces, inner Mongolia & Ningxia 40%....[view]
Wheat Distribution Area in South Africa Wheat Distribution Area in South Africa
Wheat production of South Africa is approximately 2.3 million tons per annum, of which the Northwest produces about 150,000 tons (7%). Most of this is transported by farmers to local silos for storage....[view]
Corn Milling MachineryCorn Milling Machinery
This corn milling machinery output capacity is 20t per day. We also supply 20t- 500t corn milling machinery and different output capacity as your requirements. Sincerely hope your email and enquiry....[view]