Roasted Peanut Salted

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Roasted Peanuts and Salted Peanut kernels


(1)185g/tin, 950 cartons/20'FCL.
(2)227g/tin, 790 cartons/20'FCL.
(3)50g, 100g, 150g, 200g per PP woven bag.
(4)12.5kg x 2 PP woven bag/carton,oxygen absorbent packing,16MT per 20' container.
(5)10kg x 2 PP woven bag/carton,oxygen absorbent packing, 14MT/40'FCL
Groundnut in Shell

Henan Origin: Mostly wanted in the EU market with a big production
Shandong Origin/Traditional Long Shape: Mainly for the market of Italy and Japna
Hebei Origin/Ji You 4 (3 kernels per pod): Mainly for Italy and a small amount for German Market.

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