Dried ChilliDried Chilli
We are wholesale of dried chilli, yunnan chilli, tianjing chilli from China...[view]
Chilli PowderChilli Powder
We are manufacturer and wholesale of Chilli Powder, Dried Chilli, Chilli Rings, Green Chilli without stem, Green Chilli Powder from China...[view]
Chilli RingsChilli Rings
Manufacturer and Supplier of Chilli Rings, Buy Chilli Rings, Chilli Rings from China, Our Chilli Rings is of good quality and competitive price!...[view]
Green Chilli without stemGreen Chilli without stem
Spec: without stem Moisture 14% max. Impurity 1% max. Pkg: Packed in 20kg net weight gunny bag Qnty: 10MT/40'HQ...[view]
Onions for Your HealthOnions for Your Health
Onions not only provide flavor; onions is good for your health, they provide health-promoting phytochemicals as well as nutrients....[view]
FAQ About OnionsFAQ About Onions
1 What should I look for when purchasing onions? When purchasing onions, look for dry outer skins free of spots or blemished. The onion should be heavy for its size with no scent. 2 How can I reduce tearing when cutting an onion? Reduc...[view]
Dried Ginger SlicesDried Ginger Slices
Ginger holds an important place in several traditional systems of medicine. Ginger Slices or dried ginger slice are made from fresh or dried ginger root or steam distillation of the oil. ...[view]
Ginger GranularGinger Granular
Ginger has been used for centuries to support many various digestive imbalances .Ginger granular is made from fresh or dried ginger . Ginger granular is not only easy to stroe but also could keep for a longer time...[view]