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throughout the world are concerned about consistently buying superior quality peanuts which are uniform in size, and free from foreign materials and aflatoxin contamination. ASCOF transforms and offers a variety of peanuts, as well as other agro products, to the market. The superior quality of our products adequately and quickly satisfies the demands of the consumer. Quality and innovation remain the pillars of our strategy and the foundation of our mission.

 Inspection of the peanuts/groundnuts begins shortly after harvesting in the purchasing stations, where a sample is taken and tested,by ourselves,for moisture, aflatoxin,size,admixture and imperfect grains.In the plant, random samples are constantly taken throughout entire production process by our Quality Controllers to ensure the utmost in quality,from the time the raw materials are received, up to the point and beyond delivery of the finished product. Prior to shipping abroad, the peanuts are finally subjected to extensive laboratory tests by CIQ in accordance with the strict quality standards of ZBB33005-85 and ZBB33005-86 in China. All standards must be met or exceeded before any peanuts are allowed to be shipped.


How To Remove Aflatoxin From Raw Shelled Peanut Lots

Quality Control

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