Dried Fruits and Nuts

Beans Peas[Beans]Beans Peas
⠍ Product: Dark Red Kidney Bean Size: 200-240pcs/100g ⠂⠢‚ࢠ⠳𐐐𐰐𐒰𐐭𐓰𐰖𐰣s/100g Specification: ...[view]
Roasted Peanut Salted[Nuts]Roasted Peanut Salted
Manufacturers and Producers of Peanut include: Peanut Roasting,Peanut Roasted,Spanish Peanut,Peanut Kernel,Peanut Frying,Peanut Salted.Peanut Nut,Peanut in Shell,Peanut Plant and Peanut Plants in China...[view]
Raw Peanuts in Shell[Nuts]Raw Peanuts in Shell
Sales of Peanut Raw Raw Peanuts in Shell and Raw Virginia Peanuts in China, Our Peanut is of good quality and competitive price!...[view]
Blanched Peanut[Nuts]Blanched Peanut
Supplier and Wholesale of Blanched Peanut kernel, Blanched Peanut kernels, Round ( Hsuji ) Shape in China...[view]
Dried Chilli[Spice]Dried Chilli
We are wholesale of dried chilli, yunnan chilli, tianjing chilli from China...[view]
Chilli Powder[Spice]Chilli Powder
We are manufacturer and wholesale of Chilli Powder, Dried Chilli, Chilli Rings, Green Chilli without stem, Green Chilli Powder from China...[view]
Chilli Rings[Spice]Chilli Rings
Manufacturer and Supplier of Chilli Rings, Buy Chilli Rings, Chilli Rings from China, Our Chilli Rings is of good quality and competitive price!...[view]
Green Chilli without stem[Spice]Green Chilli without stem
Spec: without stem Moisture 14% max. Impurity 1% max. Pkg: Packed in 20kg net weight gunny bag Qnty: 10MT/40'HQ...[view]