Biodiesel Plant, Biofuel Making Machine

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Biodiesel Plant,Biodiesel Making Machine for Sale

Biotron biodiesel production unit is intented for carrying out of reaction of transesterification of fatty acids.

The Biotron-ST consist of

System of batching and preliminary mixing
Magnetic-pulse cavitator reactor(s)
Separating container with gauges
Block of auto matic control- microprocessors, PC and software
Auxiliaries- pumps, closure armatur


· Low-temperature reaction

proceeds in the reactor on molecular level. All components are exposed to impulses of magnetic-direction cavitation. The molecules of fatty acids are split with micro-explosions; this results indecrease of viscosity, increase of cetane number, improvement of energetic parameters of future fuel as well as considerable acceleration and improvement of quality of esterification reaction. Moreover the reaction goes by room temperature and there is no need to heat oil.

Oils of any quality can be used as source product

Cavitation modules manufactured by our company do not require the preliminary preparation of oil. They work successful and steady both with crude and refined oil. A variety of oils can be used to produce biodiesel sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, palm oil, mustard oil etc. with almost any acid number as well as waste vegetable oil from restaurants and bakeries and it is no need to readjust the equipment for every oil kind.
Minimal energy consumption

Traditional methods of biodiesel production are based on heating of oil up to 67-70°C. It requires significant electric power inputs; besides the recovery of methanol (the necessary requirement for the reaction proceeding in traditional technologies), additional re-esterification as well as vacuum dehydrating bring to great electric power consumption. By cavitation processing it is no need in all the above-mentioned stages and the result is 5-7 times electric power saving.

Reaction proceeding for one pass

In magnetic-impulse cavitation technology there is no need in re-esterification reaction, like in old tank technologies. The period of time necessary for obtaining of finished biodiesel reduces in 8-10 times. of biodiesel correspond to European standard EN 14214.
Minimal dimensions of the modules

Our automatic modules take 5-10 times less floor space than the traditional complexes of similar capacity.
No need in purifying with sorbents, washing and drying

Using traditional technologies it is impossible to derive biodiesel fuel of proper quality at ones. That is why it should be washed or purified with sorbents to eliminate all impurities. This requires the equipment for washing of primary biodiesel (for this purpose usually the mixture of water and alcohol is used) and additional appliance for so-called vacuum drying. By cavitation method of biodiesel manufacture it is no need to wash and dry the finished product, that is why it no need in utilization of waste water or sorbent.
Minimal quantity of alcohol and catalyst. No need in recuperation of alcohol

One of the serious problems of tank technologies is the necessity to add excess of methanol in the reactor and accordingly its further recuperation. It requires the installation of additional equipment and electric power input. In cavitation technology the quantity of alcohol used by reaction meets the chemical formula, i.e. the minimal amount. It is no need in re-esterification reaction. The expensive and dangerous equipment for methanol recuperation is excluded. It is possible to avoid the inevitable alcohol losses by recuperation, to improve the ecologic situation and explosion safety.
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