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TF 85-310 Guardrail Machine
1. Main specification

1.1 Material
Raw material:
the scrap of cold- roll after slitting:Q215,Q235A,scrap,etc.
the vertical accuracy: 1.0mm/m
Thickness of coil : 2.0-3.0mm
Width of coil : Max 480mm breadth accuracy:±0.5mm;
Inner diameter of coil: F508±20 mm
Outer diameter of coil: =F1200mm
Weight of coil: = 3T
Whole line Out dimension: 16000mm×1800mm×1400mm

1.2 Specification:
Tolerance of cutting length: ±2mm
Line speed: 3-10M/min
Voltage: 380V±10%;50HZ

2. Work-flow:
Loading coil ?hydraulic uncoil ?leveling and feeding ?punching ?feeding to roll forming? roll forming ?cutting ?run out sheet

3.Equipment structure description

3.1 Hydraulic un-coiler
Function: to support and release the coil
The frame is welding by H-beam,gearbox drive,brake device.
Data: Capacity of loading =3T
Motor: 1-2.2kw
Inner diameter of shaft: F508mm
Outer diameter of coil: Max F1200mm

3.2 Leveling and feeding device
Function:release the head of coil and tow to the leveling device ,making the coil straight for the different width. Servo-motor drive ,feeding for step by step, and the tolerance of feeding is ±0.2mm
Data: Thickness of coil : 2.0-3.0mm
Width of coil: Max 480mm

3.3 Punching device
Function:To punch the hole for connect and installation
Structure:Hydraulic driver, two molds punch the hole exactly
Data: Thickness of coil : 2.0-3.0mm
Material of punch: Cr12

3.4 Feeding roller
Function:to feed the sheet after punching and cutting to roll forming machine,motor driver
Structure:The frame is welding by H-beam,the roller material is coated Cr(Zn),motor driver
Data:Thickness of coil :2.0-3.0m,width 500mm

3.5 Roll forming machine
Function:Roll forming for the profile of guardrail
There are two style for choose:
Style one:
Use independent frame (nodular cast iron) for high accuracy forming, and the stands can be changed easily
Date:Forming step: 17-step form
Diameter of shaft:f90mm Material of roller:GCr15
Space from one stand to another:Approx 480mm
Line: 3~10m/min

3.6 Cutting device
Function:To cut the coil for the right length
Structure:hydraulic driver,measure the length automatically,cut automatically,Also control by hand.
Data: Thickness of coil : 2.0-3.0mm
Material of punch: Cr12

3.7 Run-out table
Function:For the run-out formed sheet
Structure:The roller is coated Cr (Zn)
Data:Thickness of coil :2.0-3.0m,width 500mm

3.8 Hydraulic system
Function:To use the punching and cutting device driving
Describe:The main control component adopt the famous brand (Italy ATOS),oil tank adopt the China famous brand
Pressure system : 0~16MPa

3.9 Electric control system
The whole line use the PLC control,LCD,Control the quantity, cutting length automatically with the airthmometer, it is operated by auto or manual

3.9.1 M/C controlling
The motor speed of M/C is adjusted by transducer; give an alarm when there are troubled.

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