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TFH 28-207-828 glazed tile forming machine Roofing Machine
(1) Manual Un-coiler 1 set
(2) Roll-Forming M/C 1 set
(3) Hydraulic die 1 set
(4) Hydraulic Cutting 1 set
(5) PLC Control System 1 set

(1) Manual Un-coiler:
Un-powered; single head; max.capacity:5000kg;
Coil inner-diameter:508mm
(2) Roll-Forming M/C:
13-step to form , Material of Roller: 45# steel
line speed:3-6m/min;
(3) Pressing die
Stop to press, Post to press, Depth of the stair is 25mm , Length of the stair is 250mm,
press tool material 40Cr.
(4) Hydraulic Cutting
Stop to cut , Post cut ;
Cutting tool material:GCr12, cutting length tolerance ±2mm;
(5) PLC Control System:
Using Mitsubishi PLC Control the quantity, length automatically, LCD screen,

Option Hydraulic un-coiler
Hydraulic system to expand coil inner hole;
power of the pump : about 2 kw
Frequency Inverter to regulate turning speed,Automatic stop device;
Load capacity = Max.5Tons;
Coil inner–diameter= 508mm; coil width = 1000mm

Wall & Roof Forming Machine

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